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There's nothing quite like financial freedom.

Proactive investing with a global focus. Establishing a relationship with the right financial advisor is an important decision. It depends on five criteria and your personal preferences. Additionally, it may help to consider the following points: proactive management, independent advice and diverse investing, including alternative investments. To cut through the many options in financial services and find the right fee-only financial advisor, explore this site, and then call us at 1-866-JENTNER.

A Short Message from Jentner

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Prudent Money Management

When you have money, whether it’s $1 million for retirement or $25 million in a foundation or family trust, you need to know that your wealth is being managed wisely.

Wise management calls for transparency and instant access to information.

You will also want an advisor who is cool-headed even in tough times and who takes a global view of your investment opportunities.

Growing Toward Your Goals

Financial independence, a charitable or family legacy, a desirable and sustainable lifestyle: whatever drives you, we can help you develop sound strategies for reaching your goals.

Jentner gives you real-time access to your accounts, disciplined rebalancing, responsible investing and regularly scheduled reviews.

The key is a detailed, custom-developed plan implemented with prudent, proactive management and global diversification.

A Nationally Recognized Firm

For eleven consecutive years, Wealth Manager magazine has named Jentner one of the top wealth managers in the nation.

President Bruce Jentner has been identified as one of top 250 financial planners in U.S. by Worth magazine.

One of Jentner’s offerings, The Portfolio Second Opinion, can help determine if your current investments will truly prepare you for the future.