About Jentner

(It’s Not About Us.)
“Our true success story is our clients’ ability to achieve lifelong goals through sound financial strategies. Limelight or no limelight, our commitment to provide prudent financial strategies, to build stable portfolios and to serve you with personal attention will not change because our goal is always the same—your success.”
Bruce Jentner

You first.
Working with Jentner Wealth Management is different, and it has been since our founding in 1984. We take a disciplined, proactive approach to wealth management on your behalf. The focus is on you.

Focused. A deep understanding of your goals, financial situation and your core values supports the custom wealth management program that we will develop for you. This program includes objective advice. Without proprietary financial products or commissions, our interests are aligned with yours. The result is a financial plan and an investment policy created just for you.

Relationships, not transactions, are the basis of our work. Because we develop values-focused financial plans that fit your purposes and passions, we have long lasting relationships with our clients. We listen. Then we plan. That’s how it should be done and so that’s how we do it.

Personal attention. Plans are individually tailored to your situation. Our experienced financial advisors work closely with you in a process of in-depth analysis and strategic planning. A meeting or two simply doesn’t cut it; you receive focused attention over time. That’s how your goals will be achieved.

Regular reporting and advising. We stay in an ongoing fee-only investment management relationship with regularly scheduled reviews. All holdings are in your name. We do not take custody of your investment dollars; you always have complete access and control of your funds.

Wide-ranging. Jentner’s wealth management services combine financial planning with investment management for individuals, families and organizations. In a process that has been validated by empirical evidence, a very well diversified investment portfolio will be created for you. Experienced, objective advisors use the elements of prudent wealth management – fee-only financial planning and passive investment management – to help you achieve the financial control, stability and growth you want.

The reason so many experts recommend fee-only financial advisors is that you receive objective advice without the influence of commissions. Our fee-only planning services cover many financial issues and use advanced methods such as probability assessment and risk tolerance analysis.

What Others Say

Jentner Wealth Management is often featured in leading financial media.

The Wall Street Journal wrote a feature article on Jentner in 2015, discussing how we create globally diversified, low-cost portfolios and explained why we regularly rebalance our clients’ portfolios.

Worth magazine identified President Bruce Jentner as one of top 250 financial planners in U.S.

Financial Advisor, InvestmentNews and ThinkAdvisor continually rank Jentner as a top fee-only registered investment advisory firm.