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Five Questions for Making the Right Decision about Wealth Management

If you answer “yes” to any of these five questions, consider talking with the wealth management professionals of Jentner Wealth Management!


Are you at the point where professional planning pays off?

The typical entry point for using personal, professional financial advice and wealth management services is $500,000. If you have exceeded or are approaching that mark, consider how strategic wealth management can help you secure the future you want from your assets.


Are you tired of chasing the promises of active investment management?

Play it cool: proactive management and broad, highly diverse, global asset-class investing avoid the unnecessary risks of broker-based management. Consider working with a financial manager who is focused on increasing your wealth, not the number of transactions you make.


Have you been going it alone without advice and support?

Relationship-based planning – taking into account interviews and planning sessions, an understanding of your needs and goals – is a whole other level of effective wealth management. If you have been making do without it, consider the difference collaboration could make in your comfort level and your results.


Would you like to simplify your sources of financial advice?

There’s a difference between wealth management strategists and other financial professionals. An insurance agent, accountant, estate/trust attorney, bank officer, or broker will each provide you with a useful service. But each may only see his slice of the pie. In contrast, a strategic wealth manager combines financial planning and investment management and bases it on your goals and your situation.


Are you ready to retire or planning for retirement?

Our client base typically consists of those with more than $1 million in retirement/legacy funds to invest. If you are in that position or are committed to getting there, and you are unsure about the services available to you from other sources, consider a no-cost Introduction Meeting with Jentner Wealth Management or a Portfolio Second Opinion.