Measuring Success.
“Our customized solutions result from addressing each client’s individual needs. No two plans are the same because no two goals are the same.”
Martin Weisberg
Vice President

Where will you go?
Let us accompany you on the road to building a better, more secure financial future.

While speculative investment strategies may provide thrilling highs (and lows!), a passively engineered investment strategy can be your cornerstone to sound investing. The Jentner ProActive Investment Strategy™ uses analysis, asset allocation, diversified investing and disciplined rebalancing to create a portfolio that is reliable over the long term.

This is the Jentner Philosophy for sound wealth management:

Proactive Management: a cool-headed approach that history suggests makes for better returns, better sleep. Steadiness in good times and tough times. It’s why you have an advisor to begin with.

Diverse Investing: not one, not two, but thousands of stocks, bonds and alternative investments. Safer and more dependable. A wide ranging, analytical approach that is simply not available everywhere.

Objective Advice: No brokerage commissions, no ulterior motives. Puts us on your side, since our fees are proportionate to your portfolio. Jentner Wealth Management is here to guide you, not sell to you.