Diverse investing requires breadth, scope and balance.

Diverse Investing
You know the danger of putting all your eggs in one basket. The wise investor avoids such danger, choosing portfolio diversification to provide stability and lower risk. Jentner manages wealth by taking diversification to a whole new level. Our proven process deploys a broad range of asset classes, enhanced indexing, alternative investments and regular, disciplined rebalancing.

Breadth. In-depth analysis directs the allocation of your investments to a broad range of up to 16 asset classes: much broader diversification than is typically achieved. Asset classes include large and small stocks, value and growth stocks, international and domestic and emerging markets, government and corporate bonds, domestic and foreign bonds, and more.

Scope. Jentner’s investment strategy is more than simply selecting a popular index fund. You gain access to institutional asset-class funds representing thousands of companies – funds offered by few others. These funds are designed to represent entire market segments, in sharp contrast to typical mutual funds that invest in a mere 30-150 companies chosen by the fund managers.

Balance. Managing wealth is a dynamic process. Disciplined rebalancing keeps you on target. Portfolios shift with market changes, life events can change, and new factors can affect your desired level of risk. Rebalancing is critical to achieving your objectives. It controls portfolio value “drift,” keeping you near the risk level you anticipated, and promotes buying low and selling high.

With relatively low turnover, institutional asset-class mutual funds, ETFs and index funds incur lower costs, less trading expense and are more tax efficient.

Disclosures and disclaimers: Keep in mind that while diversification may help reduce volatility and risk, it does not guarantee future performance. Investors cannot invest directly in indexes. Indexes attempt to benchmark the performance of individual asset classes and markets.

Proactive management: A cool-headed approach that history suggests makes for better returns, better sleep.

Diverse investing: Not one, not two, but thousands of securities. A safer, more dependable approach.

Objective advice: No brokerage commissions, no ulterior motives. Puts us on your side, with fees proportionate to your portfolio.