The Four Cornerstones of Prudent Investing™

  • There are no safe havens.
  • Market timing is hazardous.
  • Concentrated portfolios are risky.
  • Emotions are more powerful than logic.

We invest all of our portfolios following the The Jentner ProActive Investment Strategy™, which is a passively-engineered investment strategy based on the Four Cornerstones of Prudent Investing™. These four cornerstones guide our investment process, the construction of portfolios, and the management of accounts. Our investment strategy is designed to comply with the Uniform Prudent Investor Act. If you are interested in learning more about our investment portfolios based on the Four Cornerstones of Prudent Investing™, please call us at 1-866-JENTNER today.

There are no safe havens.1
FACT: Fixed-income investments, such as U.S. Treasurys, cash, and CDs, are often outperformed by equities, the purchasing power of cash lags behind inflation, and gold is extremely volatile.
SOLUTION: Invest prudently and systematically in broad, globally diversified asset classes, including alternative investments.

Market timing is hazardous.2
FACT: The majority of active managers fail to outperform the market, and those who will outperform the market are unpredictable, and their performance is temporary.
SOLUTION: Employ a passive investment strategy to lower a portfolio’s risk and increase the likelihood of a successful investment experience over the long term.

Concentrated portfolios are risky.3
FACT: In two out of five cases, individual stocks underperform the market by more than 15%, and an asset class can be the top performer one year and the worst performer the following year.
SOLUTION: Invest broadly across the global market to lower the risk of one’s portfolio being brutally damaged by one company, asset class, or country’s failure.

Emotions are more powerful than logic.4
FACT: Investors whose emotions are involved in investment decisions underperform the overall market by 8.5%.
SOLUTION: Adhere to a passively engineered investment philosophy that uses logic and not emotions, which has historically resulted in the long-term growth of investments.

You cannot afford these risky behaviors. Instead, The Jentner ProActive Investment Strategy™ is globally diversified, passively engineered, and focused on long-term returns while reducing overall risk. We do this by choosing institutional asset-class funds, index mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds. Jentner concentrates on global diversification, looking at the total portfolio instead of the individual investments within it. The result is positive, attractive returns over most market cycles.

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It’s important to understand the reasoning behind your investment philosophy. Read our white papers to learn why we implement a passively-engineered investment approach.

The Active Versus Passive Investing Debate is a commonly debated topic among investment professionals and investors alike. History shows that passive management yields better results over the long term.

Prudent investing is making wise investment decisions with the long term in mind. We recommend a strategy built on The Four Cornerstones of Prudent Investing.