Objective Advice

The necessity of objective advice. Why hand over the future of your investments to anything but an uncompromised process? Jentner Wealth Management does not sell financial products or receive sales commissions, so you will get honest advice that suits your life and goals. In managing your wealth, our fees are aligned with the value of your portfolio – so our interests coincide with yours.

Transparent. Who wants to be in the dark? We develop a financial plan that incorporates your needs and goals, we assess your investment comfort levels, and we provide regularly scheduled reviews. Our use of probability analysis helps us to increase the likelihood of your money increasing in value.

Personal, client-driven approach. At Jentner Wealth Management we take a truly personal approach to building your financial future, incorporating your goals, values and lifestyle into your own financial plan and investment policy.

Your comfort levels. What does money mean to you? What risks are you willing to take? Through our Money Profile and Risk Tolerance questionnaires, we learn crucial data that becomes our basis for very specific recommendations for asset-class selection and allocation percentages. Because we do not sell financial products we can offer objective recommendations on insurance coverage or other financial issues. We care about your success.

Proactive management: A cool-headed approach that history suggests makes for better returns, better sleep.

Diverse investing: Not one, not two, but thousands of securities. A safer, more dependable approach.

Objective advice: No brokerage commissions, no ulterior motives. Puts us on your side, with fees proportionate to your portfolio.