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Brexit and Its Impact on the Market

Seth Jentner06/24/2016

Over the last few weeks, the markets have been showing some added volatility. Many pundits and analysts attributed it to the so-called Brexit vote. Yesterday, the British voted in a referendum to leave the European Union—British Exit. Once again, the markets are facing an issue of uncertainty. So, what will the economic and political impact be?

As we have always cautioned, these sorts of concerns may affect the markets in the short and, possibly, the intermediate term. We will not predict or offer expectations as to what stocks will do in these time frames. What we can reasonably predict, though, is that the markets over the long term, the only term with which we are reasonably concerned, will continue to provide favorable returns as they have historically. There will always be volatility, and we may even go through extended periods of decline. However, as the world expands and economies continue to grow, we believe that international equities will continue to be an excellent place to diversify one’s investment holdings to earn a meaningful return and to strive for a long-term successful investment experience.

Our advice is to maintain the steady course, and don't allow media scare tactics to cause you to deviate from a proven solid strategy.

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