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Investing Basics – The Four Cornerstones of Prudent Investing

Seth Jentner06/26/2012

We understand that many people are fearful when they think about retiring or about preparing for their retirement. No doubt some of these fears are valid. But by avoiding some relatively simple mistakes, most people are able to prepare for and enjoy their retirement years without fears.

We believe in the following four cornerstones, which guide our investment strategy:

1.  There are no investment safe havens.

2.  Market timing does not work over the long term.

3.  Concentrated investment portfolios can be hazardous and are not worth the increased risk.

4.  Emotions are more powerful than logic during times of fear and even during times of euphoria.

We invite you to read our white paper on the Four Cornerstones of Prudent Investing to learn how to choose an investment advisor who invests prudently. To do so, click here.

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