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Investing Guidance for 2014

Seth Jentner01/13/2014

What an interesting year 2013 turned out to be. Most financial experts agree that 2013 was the best year since the 1990s. All the major domestic stock indexes advanced between 29% and 43% for the year. Virtually every U.S. market segment benefited with the exception of real estate and commodities.

It was also a year filled with many financial news headlines. Fiscal cliffs, high unemployment, an anemic economic recovery, near-zero interest rates, government shutdowns, extraordinary government debt levels, terrorism, unstable foreign governments, Iran … the list is endless.

On and on, the news headlines came at us, as they do every day. What can we learn when it comes to our own investment portfolio?

  1. Remember that markets are unpredictable and many times do not react the way the experts predict they will.
  2. Getting out of a market once it has fallen is like running away from a sale.
  3. Market recoveries can come just as quickly and just as unexpectedly.
  4. Never forget the power of diversification. Diversification helps reduce risk.
  5. Nothing lasts forever. Moderation is a good policy.

The current volatility in financial markets revives unwelcome feelings of anxiety, fear and a sense of powerlessness. These are completely natural responses. Unfortunately, acting on these emotions can result in more harm than good. Be diversified and stay disciplined to promote a successful, long-term investment experience.

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