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Proactive Investment Management


What some money managers call “active” we call overheated. Active management is risky behavior. In recent years we’ve seen unprecedented market volatility, and active management – which seeks to pick hot stocks or time the market – is like playing with fire. Proactive management uses investment analysis, asset allocation, alternative investments and disciplined rebalancing to support a passively engineered philosophy. This is not a buy-and-hold strategy. It’s the cool-headed approach. Coolness rewards the prudent investor.

The way to manage the modern portfolio.
We developed The Jentner ProActive Investment Strategy™ to provide clients a plan for life-long investing. Our strategy follows these important proactive investing principles:
Manage risk by diversifying the investments among various asset classes and alternative investments.
Employ institutional funds that offer distinct advantages.
Focus on the total portfolio, not individual investments within it.
Reward steady, life-long investing.
Studies show that portfolios using passive asset-class funds can be designed to deliver a higher expected return for a chosen level of risk over time.*
For the facts behind why a passively engineered investment strategy beats active management, read our white papers on The Active Versus Passive Investing Debate and The Four Cornerstones of Prudent Investing.

*According to the Standard & Poor’s Indices Versus Active Funds Scorecard and Asset Management: Active Versus Passive Management by Rex A. Sinquefield