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The Recent Global Crises Are Not Unprecedented. Here’s How To Weather Them.

2011 was a pretty crazy year for the markets. We had a nuclear disaster in Japan, a downgrade of U.S. debt and a major debt crisis in Europe that threatened to end the Euro as a currency. The third quarter saw world markets decline dramatically, only to recover swiftly in October, one of the best months for investors in 20...
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How Much of a Portfolio Should Be in Stocks or Bonds or Cash?

You have just asked the million dollar question. Here’s what we believe:  There is a direct relationship between risk and potential reward. In 1991, there was a well-known study conducted by a group of investment analysts that reviewed more than 80 of the largest retirement plans. They found that more than 90% of the investment performance was determined by the...
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How Do Retirees and Pre-Retirees Diversify Safely into Bonds and Stocks?

How do retirees and pre-retirees diversify safely into bonds and stocks? You have a few options. 1.  You can do your own research in order to pick what you believe is "best." 2.  You can subscribe to investment research to help make your selections. 3.  You can hire someone to select stocks and bonds for you, such as a broker,...
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Can Investors Use The Track Records of Managers or of Mutual Funds to Select the Best Managers?

Over 5, 10 or even 15 years, there will typically be somewhere between 5% and 20% of managers who will beat the market. Unfortunately, no one knows in advance who the "winning" managers will be. Some people think that picking a recent top performer is best, as they think they can perform well again. But there is statistically no greater...
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How to Really Prepare for Retirement

Everyone wants to know what the market will do and where people should invest their money. Market prognosticators line up to give opinions of what they think will happen. Yet there are so many different opinions. It’s a topic on many people's minds. But here are the facts: As bright as some market prognosticators are, none are able to predict...
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Don’t Have Enough Money to Retire? Here’s What To Do.

If people nearing retirement do not have enough money to retire, what should they do?  Should they consider investing in risky investments in order to compensate for inadequate savings? Behavioral researchers have discovered that during the final races at horse tracks, gamblers tend to bet on long shots.  In Las Vegas, there is a pronounced tendency for people to place...
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