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Investment Principles

Many of you have heard of The Investment Answer by Dan Goldie and Gordon Murray.  The book has received a lot of press due to its co-author Gordon Murray, a retired investment banker.  Gordon, who recently lost his battle with cancer, made it his dying objective to spread a “gospel”  of five common sense investing principles.  Jentner Financial Group follows...
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“Never Buy Another Stock Again”

Although this quote could seem shocking, the philosophy that David Gaffen expresses in his new book closely aligns with our own.  It might sound like he’s saying, “Don’t buy equities.”  However, he’s basically recommending that most investors not buy individual stocks.  See the video below where he explains why he prefers low-cost, diversified investments instead. If you are interested in...
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Savings shortfall, still confident, & more

The average American household faces a pretty stiff retirement fund deficit – $90,000 to be precise, says the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College. It used Federal Reserve statistics to look at the retirement savings of 70 million households with workers between the ages of 32 and 64. It says its estimated household shortfall is conservative, because it doesn't...
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Investors may expect too much of brokers, insurance agents

Three of four investors have unrealistic expectations of the level of care that financial advisors at brokerage firms are required to give, found a recent survey: 76% of investors said "financial advisors" at firms such as Merrill Lynch and UBS should put the client's interests first. However, brokers have no fiduciary duty to clients, says the report by the Consumer...
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