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Are You a Lender or an Owner?

As an investor, do you prefer to be a lender or an owner? One of the most basic choices an investor makes is whether they want to invest as a lender or as an owner. Historically, lending and owning have had distinctly different characteristics of return and risk. People who invest as lenders typically invest in CDs, corporate bonds, government...
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An Important Factor for Maximizing Investment Returns

When properly taken advantage of, 401(k) accounts provide employees excellent opportunities to prepare for retirement. But if not used wisely, many people will end up at retirement woefully unprepared. Studies show that employees find 401(k) investment choices challenging. Many investors do not understand the basic investment principles necessary to make wise choices. Continue reading
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Financial Tips from Financial Advisors

The National Endowment for Financial Education conducts an annual survey of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals asking for their top financial recommendations. The top recommendation is to “live within your means.” Many people believe that the only way they will find financial independence is to strike it big on the next Apple or Facebook or, better yet, by winning the Powerball!...
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How to Help Identify Investment Scams

I recently received an email that caught my attention. It offered me a one-year membership in an investment service for only $995, a discounted price from the normal $3,995 price. The minimum goal of this service is an annual return of 52%! This email advertisement went on to claim that last year this investment trading system picked 242 winning trades...
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The First Step in Business-Succession Planning

One of the historical bright spots in the U.S. economy has been the fertile opportunity for people to start their own businesses. However, increased government regulations make this American dream more difficult. Some people prefer to buy an existing business rather than accepting the challenge of starting their own. A well-planned business exit strategy can help entrepreneurs prepare for their...
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A Free Online Investment Analyzer You Can Use

Today, we have access to so much information that it is difficult to figure out where to direct our time and attention. It has been said that we live in the information age. However, a friend of mine corrected me. He stated that we now live in the recommendation age. With so much information available, it is difficult to determine...
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