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Investing Lessons from the Wealthy

Each year, the IRS publishes data about the estate tax returns filed with the government. Estate tax returns are required by people who have relatively larger estates. But can we all learn something from these returns? Continue reading
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Help Protect Yourself by Investing Globally

I recently read about a small town in northern Chile that is about to get its first Porsche dealership.  Over the past 20 years, this obscure port town has grown to more than 300,000 people. With the growth of Chile’s copper mining, people are becoming increasingly affluent. Truck drivers can earn over $80,000 annually working for the local copper mines....
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Don’t Get Tripped Up By Medicare Rules

I recently read about a financial advisor who retired at the age of 69. Because he liked his employer medical insurance plan, he continued his medical coverage under COBRA rather than enrolling in Medicare. Then, over the next year after his retirement, his medical insurance rejected a couple of his claims. Upon investigation, he learned his medical insurance plan considered...
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How Much Can You Spend Each Year In Retirement?

Many retirees face a similar challenge once they retire. How much money can they withdraw from their investment accounts for spending without running out of money in retirement? Nobody wants to run out of money. But what is a safe withdrawal rate? Some people only spend portfolio interest and dividends, leaving the principal intact. Another strategy is to withdraw 4%...
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Reset Your Retirement Savings

Many of us have the opportunity to save for our retirement through an employer-sponsored retirement plan like a 401(k), 403(b), or 457 plan. If you receive a pay increase this year, that would be an excellent time to consider upping the amount you contribute. Continue reading
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Will The Markets Keep Rising?

Stock market returns for the last month have been on the rise. But will the markets keep rising? Investment prognosticators are once again lining up with their opinions. Some say it is time for an adjustment. Some claim there is money to be made. Others claim there will be only modest gains with another correction coming soon. And here you...
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